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Common Sense Protection

  • Block known and new threats
  • Protection from malware, ransomware & more
  • Block Unproductive Sites
  • Know what's on your network
  • Complete customer support

Built for SMB

  • No IT Staff or MSP Needed
  • Networking + Security
  • Access to IT experts
  • Always on threat protection
  • Scales easily when you grow

Built for Small Business

We talk human, not tech

We don't expect you to talk our language.  That is why you're here right?  We keep it straight forward, and easy to understand.

We do the heavy lifting

We don't expect you dive into the techy details.  We integrate in ways that work the same way your team works.

IT staff or MSP not needed

We understand SMB budgets.  Full-time IT or expensive monthly MSP agreements don't always fit in.

Now leveraging the Fortinet Security Fabric

What's this mean for you?

Affordable Hardware

One of the main reasons we choose the Fortinet fabric is more affordable devices for our clients.  Fortinet has an amazing price point that outperforms anything remotely comparable.

Hardware Selection

Not only is it affordable, but we can fit any need you have.  We're not recreating the wheel.  Proven, world-class, NSS lab tested hardware, with 24-7 warrantied replacement support.

Security Fabric

We're now tapped into the Fortinet Security Fabric, one of the world's most intelligent networks.  To you, it's like getting a killer buy one get one deal.

Simply choose and grow

Firewall as a Service

Security as a Service

Network as a Service



Level of Support

IT and Security problems = Risk

Assess your Risk.

See the Risks

Assess your Risk

  • Do we know where we stand?
  • Are we guessing or do we know?
  • Do we have critical data or files?
  • What are our weak spots?

A Common Sense Approach

Cyber-security doesn't need to feel all doom and gloom.  We deliver a practical approach to securing your network, data and workers.

Actions and solutions based on your own actual risks.

Business Security Made Easy

Internet Security
  • Encrypted internet connections
  • Network-level Ransomware and malware defense.
Network Security
  • Quarantine Infected Devices
  • Segment and Defend
  • Integrated Endpoint Protection
Made Easy
  • Self-Manage or DobiManaged
  • SD-WAN Integrated


Which one bites the hardest?

Slow Network & Internet

Feel like you've done everything?  Feel like your network performance is still awful and slow?  It's a common problem.  These symptoms are typically indications of:

  • Misconfigured network routers slowing down traffic.
  • Poorly configured security and bandwidth controls.  Bottlenecks are no fun.
  • Consumer grade equipment or equipment that isn't sized correctly.
  • Internet provider problems

This is our business

Overwhelmed with IT security

There's a major emphasis on IT security currently in business.  While this is totally necessary, it's created a lot of confusion in the space and among businesses who aren't quite sure what they need.  Here's some symptoms:

  • How do we really know what protection we need?
  • How do we know our currently level of security?
  • Countless types of threats and we can't see them
  • No security standard or playbook you operate by

This is our business

It's only a matter of time

As fixing user and desktop related problems has become easier over the past 5 years, a new trend has risen. It's not uncommon to see an employee with no previous IT job titles is now handling IT.  Typically this is bundled with other roles such as Finance, HR and perhaps Operations.  This person is the unicorn of the office.  Everywhere at all times.  The jack of all trades.

While this works well enough for providing some general IT helpdesk support to users when issues arise, it's not the greatest approach when it comes to IT security.  Security threats need to be understood and planned for and known if they're a threat to your network.  Security needs to be tuned to each environment.  Should something bad happen, your unicorn is going to receive the blame, without being setup for success. A worker juggling multiple large job roles simply isn't going to be able to keep up with security issues and threats.  They're going to happen, and by then, it's too late.

This is our business

You need centralized control

Remote work is great, it cuts the cost of necessary expense for a lot of businesses and is becoming a new normal for many people.

We know what this looks like.  Companies of all sizes where all the employees are remote and can work from home, coworking spaces or public spaces.  They're nimble, adapt their businesses quickly to change and utilize mostly all cloud/SaaS applications to get work done.  No one is using business grade security here.  All home-grade routers on the market provide zero protection.  Read that again.  Zero protection.  You think you're safe because you're using password protected WIFI,  a local anti-malware/antivirus program, with secure passwords for your email and your people are smart and will see a threat coming.   Fact is, you won't.  There's nothing more embarrassing, than your email account sending out spam and porn emails to your contact list, and having to apologize and say you've been hacked.

This is our business

Don't have IT/Provider MSP but still need help

Many businesses can't afford an IT support provider/MSP or don't want to work with one, but still need security and network help.

You may have one IT staff member or two, and they handle desktop support or helpdesk type tasks.  You're in need of more specialized assistance in security and network.  You want to make sure that these are always up to date and in the best condition and you want your IT staff focused elsewhere on more pressing issues that are currently directly impacting your users, such as regular computer problems.

This is our business

There's hidden costs to IT staff leaving

IT has one of the highest turnover rates in any space.  When they leave, they take their knowledge of your environment with.  Transitions are hardly ever easy and optimal.  What does this mean?  Struggle.

  • When IT staff leaves, they take your environments knowledge with them.  You're immediately vulnerable.
  • Most IT staff understand the basics and best practices but not in-depth security or networking, so there's gap as is.
  • New staff has to learn your environment on the fly, so there's' high potential something is going to be missed.
  • Non-IT staff trying to figure out complex problems never works
  • In a small IT department, new employees will try to put in place what's familiar to them.  So your IT leadership and approach will change from employee to employee.

This is our business

Overwhelmed leads to not doing the basics.

Roles are split between IT staff, such as helpdesk, network or systems administration, IT management, and so on.  No one is tasked with IT security, everyone is.  This creates a problem.  IT Staff typically have full plates and multiple projects and initiatives going on at the same time.  Security should be a major priority, but often it's treated as a set and forget task.  "I setup the new firewall, we're good!".  Even in the best cases, attacks can still happen.  You need to be on the defense all the time and keeping up to date with the latest threats.  IT staff typically get overwhelmed by job duties and putting out fires on a daily basis.  DobiSEC can ease your security workload.

This is our business

Network Security that works like a dog

Create a Virtual Perimeter

We create a virtual perimeter based on how you work.  Then we let the pack loose.

Patrol and Aggress

Always on the move, keeping a vigilant eye, and vetting all threats.

Track anything suspicious

Tracking suspicious activities based on what's seen elsewhere in our cloud.


Actively defend and protect your perimeter against all threats.

Alert the Pack

Calling in reinforcements for a more thorough defense and allowing the pack to maintain it's strength.

Keep the Pack Strong

Consistent training and uniformity, mixed with strong leadership to drive the pack towards excellence and effectiveness.

Lean, effective businesses choose DobiSEC

Ease of Use

We've taken the complexity of networking and security and packaged in a format that any company can implement, utilize and improve.

Bridge Skills Gap

Most companies don't have a security or network expert.  For example, no one person's job is IT security.  Every IT staff member is responsible, which means no one is.  We'll be that resource.

Business Continuity

IT has one of the highest turnover rates.  The average position takes 51 days to fill.  Your ability to do anything about problems that arise, is drastically going to suffer during this time.

Security + Networking

Combining your network and security operations under one umbrella, is not only good for business, it's good for operations.

Actionable Alerts

We not only block malicious activities and links, but we alert you when there's issues within your environment so you can take appropriate action.

A Small Business Network should look like this

Odds are, you're missing a security device.  This means you have zero insight into your network's security.  A security incident will be just a matter of time.

Security that works like you do

Protect Your Networks

Use our security appliances, or use your own.  We then point your corporate and branch networks to DobiSEC Cloud via encrypted connections.  Then we set the dogs loose, always on guard protecting the virtual perimeters.

Secure Remote Workers

Remote workers and devices all connect to the DobiSEC Cloud via encrypted connections.  It's like having a personal protection dog around your devices and workers at all times.

Security Controls

Block content or applications on your network. Shape your bandwidth.  Prevent Data Loss with sensitive information.  Use our defaults or go off book and do your thing.


Our Security Operations Center (SOC) is always on guard 24/7, watching out for threats.  Threats are automatically blocked and alerts are sent when action is needed.

One Relationship

We use Account Managers that are your one point of contact so you have a familiar face when you have questions or concerns within your environment.

Making security easy with

A Security Resource

Your Account Manager will stay with you for the life of service.  One relationship for whatever you need.

Ensured Security

We check in.  We want to make sure you're secured, there's no security issues and that you're happy.

Nudged Success

Security covers a lot of areas.  We nudge you to make sure you're keeping up a strong stance on your end.

Efficient security for every enterprise

Easy to implement.  Unified user and location protection.  Advanced networking and security features.

Get Protected Today

Cloud Work from Home

Don't go it alone, take a companion.  Learning on the job isn't a good way to design and manage networks or security effectively, and it isn't going to end well.  There's an easier way, a much easier way.

The Cost of Bad Security

60% of small companies that suffer a cyber attack are out of business within six months.


Average downtime for ransomware is currently 15 days.  The amount of time your data is ransomed, and the time it takes your organization to recover if you choose not to pay, you will be down.  All your data will be unavailable.  If you operate with project deadlines or heavy sales activity, you're going to feel the pinch.

Paying the Ransomware

We don't advise paying, but some businesses don't have a choice due to poor security.  Victims paid an average of $6,733 in 4th QTR of 2018 to free their data.  Ransoms average from $500 to tens of thousands depending on the amount of data ransomed.  The BBB says the average annual Loss is almost $80k.

Cost to Recover

You're going to pay thousands if not tens and hundreds of thousands to recoup your data and recover your IT environment.  Rebuilds of servers, PC's and network storage, let alone the cost of your data.

Going out of business

If you lost every single file you have today, could your business continue?  You're going to pay the cost of remediation, especially if you've had client data breached or lost.  Many states require you divulge you've been breached and offer customer protection at your cost.

You will be sued

Release sensitive info during a breach or lose all your customer data from ransomware?  If you think that's embarrassing, it's only just beginning.  Customers demand protection and governments agree.

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